Travel & Philately

Anybody in their life used a small piece of colourful gummed paper as a mode of payment for postage. This miniature piece of art is more than a small piece of paper. It has stories to tell about the rich and diverse facets of a country. For the philatelist, this small piece of paper has the sort of reverential value.

The stamps pride of a nation presents their culture, nature, heritage, religious activities, festivals, environment, sports activities, and events. As a tourist, you love to use those stamps to send postcards back home or to friends. The scenes depicted on the stamps about your traveled locations and activities will give you insights into those places and activities.

The FantAsia Tour Management (PRIVATE) LIMITED, a Sri Lankan-owned Inbound Destination Management Company, is planning all our travel programmes (itineraries) in a unique way based on official stamps issued by Sri Lanka. During your travel, you will get a memorable souvenir with stamps.

Let’s enjoy some historic pictures of revolution of Postal service in Sri Lanka and the fantastic Sri Lankan stamps that will inspire you to travel to Sri Lanka and experience a glimpse of it with your naked eye.

Matale - Kandy horse mail coach in 1860s FantAsiaTour
Horse mail coaches in front of the General Post Office, Colombo in 1915 FantAsiaTour
Royal mail wagon in front of the General Post Office Colombo in 1920s FantAsiaTour
General Post Office in 1980 FantAsiaTour